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Money for Life Recession-Proof Your Retirement The Quest

Money for Life: Turn Your IRA and 401(k) Into a Lifetime Retirement Paycheck

(Rest-of-Life Communications, 2012)

Money for Life focuses on one of the most important retirement planning challenges facing boomers today, and that’s how to generate a reliable, lifetime retirement income from your retirement savings. It addresses the concerns of a wide range of people who are planning their retirement. Part One outlines specific action steps and describes the various retirement income generators in an easy-to-understand manner, using charts, illustrations, and examples. It also introduces the Money for LIFE™ retirement income rating system to help you choose the solution that works best for you. Part Two serves as a resource for readers who want more details on the methods for generating a retirement income and on specific retirement tax and insurance issues.

Savvy guidance for some of the most crucial financial decisions you’ll ever face. “Money for Life” can help make sure your retirement nest egg lasts as long as you do.
— Jon Peterson, author of Social Security for Dummies

Money for Life

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Recession-Proof Your Retirement Years: Simple Retirement Planning
Strategies That Work Through Thick or Thin
(Rest-of-Life Communications, Fourth edition 2014)

Our latest guidebook—based on our popular workshop—provides an easy-to-follow, step-by-step program for planning your retirement years.  It will show you how to survive future downturns, so that you can focus on enjoying your rest-of-life.  Great for people who want to keep it simple.

Looking for a retirement guidebook that gives sound advice with no axe to grind or sales to close?  Look no further.  Steve Vernon's "Recession-Proof Your Retirement" Years gives you an expert's background and knowledge in plain, simple-to-read English.  — Andy Landisauthor of "Social Security: The Inside Story"

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The Quest for Long Life,
Health and Prosperity

(Rest-of-Life Communications, 2007)

The Quest
DVD/workbook package:  An informative and engaging “seminar-in-a-box” on retirement planning.  Great for people who are visual learners.

I recommend “The Quest DVD”  to any individual who is getting ready to retire in the next ten years.  It is a great benefit at a very reasonable cost. — Patti Bennett, Manager, Employee Services/Benefits, Huntington Memorial Hospital

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Live Long and Prosper
Don't Work Forever

Live Long & Prosper!  Invest in Your Happiness, Health, and Wealth for Retirement
and Beyond
(John Wiley & Sons, 2005)

A complete 400 page guide to your retirement years. Great for people who like lots of details.

Read this fabulous book and take its sound and clear advice to heart.— Lynne Twist, author of The Soul of Money

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Don't Work Forever!
Simple Steps Baby Boomer Must Take to Ever Retire

(John Wiley & Sons, 1995)

This book provides simple steps to take while you're working so that eventually you can retire.  Great for people in their 30s and 40s.  Available where used books are sold, including

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