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Inspire and help your employees, customers, or members with one of Steve’s engaging and informative presentations or keynote addresses.


Steve shares practical strategies and ideas for enhancing your finances,  health, and lifestyle for your rest-of-life, the life phase also known as retirement. With an effective mix of humor, stories, video clips, pictures, music, and cold hard actuarial analysis, Steve provides hope for working Americans with pervasive fear and anxiety about retirement. Hear one of the most sought-after retirement experts in the country; his insights will surprise and inspire you.

Current topics include:

  • Money for Life.  This focuses on one of the most important retirement planning challenges facing boomers today: how to use your retirement savings to generate a reliable, lifetime retirement income.  It can be delivered in a one-hour presentation/keynote address or a three-hour workshop.
  • Recession-Proof Your Retirement Years.  This describes a holistic plan that individuals can adopt to survive future downturns and enjoy a long, prosperous retirement. It can be delivered in a one-hour presentation/keynote address or a three to five hour workshop. 
  • Don’t Work Forever! 4 Steps for Gen X and Y to Get Their Retirement on Track.  This covers such topics as how much to save and how to invest your savings, so that retirement is possible down the road.  It can be delivered in a one-hour presentation.
  • A Better Way to Prepare for Retirement.  This is a one-hour presentation/keynote address featuring The Quest for Long Life, Health and Prosperity.  Inspires people to take charge of their finances, health, and lifestyle for their retirement years.
  • Generating Retirement Income from DC Plans: Navigating Uncharted Waters.  This is a one-hour presentation/keynote address outlining the challenges with retirement under defined contribution plans that face employers and their employees, and the steps that employers should take to meet these challenges.

Steve is an experienced speaker with over 300 presentations, keynote addresses and workshops on his books Money for Life, Recession-Proof Your Retirement Years, Live Long & Prosper!, and Don't Work Forever!,  and as well as his DVD/workbook package The Quest for Long Life, Health and Prosperity He has addressed audiences all over North America, ranging from professional conferences, lunch/dinner clubs, women's executive organizations, employee groups, union organizations and executive retreats. Audience sizes have ranged from 20 to over 1,000.

To help you assess Steve's speaking abilities, you can see clips posted on YouTube by clicking on the captions on the right.  Additional clips are posted in the video library on this site.

When audiences are asked to use numeric ratings, Steve's presentations and workshops consistently receive the highest ratings.  Samples are available upon request.

Steve is passionate about helping people from all walks of life face the significant challenges for their retirement years.  Read his endorsements, view his client list, and contact him for more information, including costs and logistics.

Steve Vernon is a people person who gives generously of his
time, experience, and talent. His remarks should give anyone
contemplating the future a different, upbeat slant on the rest-of-life.
He inspires taking ownership of one's future, rather than
surrendering to it. Definitely a message for anyone
on the cusp of retirement.

Marsha C. Tucker, Executive Director, The Houston Forum

Steve was a guest speaker for the Challenger Networking Group which I facilitate and he did an outstanding job sharing concepts
on how to prepare for one's future. The feedback from the members was fantastic and he is one of the best speakers we have
had over the years.

Dick Kaumeyer, President, Kaumeyer Consulting Group, Inc.

Steve Vernon is clearly one of the nation's leading authorities on the subject of retirement. He has successfully published several books, an instructional DVD, and is a frequent speaker on this evolving subject. Steve has the ability, whether it is in his books or in his presentations, to comprehensively approach this life-altering topic with clarity, logic and laced with sound advice. He has had a remarkable career as a consultant, and sage advisor to a wide array of organizations and individuals. I know of no one more effective or knowlegeable, when it comes to this incredibly important subject matter. After all, virtually every one of us will wind up pondering how to approach this stage of our life. We are all most fortunate to have the expertise of Steve Vernon to lean on.

Gary Kaplan, Gary Kaplan & Associates






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